Ok, let’s stop a minute


Ok, I have to stop and start writing about something other than my epic move to Vancouver. Some big whispers are going around the NBA world right now and I have to voice my opinions.

The Toronto Raptors have put in a big offer for 2 time NBA MVP Steve Nash. When I first heard this I just thought it was another rumor, but NO NO. This is big. Steve Nash coming home to Canada (the Raptors being the only Canadian team left in the NBA) would be the biggest thing to happen in Canadian national sports right now.

Steve Nash is probably one of the most well known NBA players out there and the best part about it is, that he is Canadian. The man, a whopping 38 years old, still plays with the young guns at an unbelievable level. He’s an incredible NBA player but more importantly, he is an AMAZING role model.

Now this all being said, Steve Nash coming to the Raptors would boost sales like crazy. I’ve already talked to my friend and we both agree we would buy jersey’s right away. But what will happen if he says no? The impact could be a lot worse than led on. If the Raptors don’t start stepping up their game (and making it to playoffs, much like their roommates the TML’s) we could see a major hit to the organization. Will Raptors basketball even continue down the road? Can we see the franchise being sold much like the Vancouver Grizzlies? So much is dependant on this deal!

I, for one, would love to see Nash come to the Raptors. He would be a leader, a huge impact, for the Raptors next season. And yes, I would fly back from Vancouver to see at least ONE game.

Steve, PLEASE come home to Canada where you belong. đŸ™‚


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